Error: Django Python egg_info failed

In this Python Django tutorial, we are going to discuss setup.py_info failed error in Python Django. We will see ahead why this error occurs and how to fix it and what steps should be taken to fix this error.

Reasons: “python egg_info” failing with error code 1

In our Python Django projects we use many packages like numpy, pandas, and matplotlib. We install these packages with the help of package managers but, sometimes we face “ egg_info failed” while installing the packages.

Django Python egg_info failed error
Django Python egg_info failed error

Now let’s look at the reasons why this error occurs.

  • Not upgrading the pip package manager is one of the most common reasons we often get this error “python egg_info” failed with error code 1 while installing new packages. To sort out this use the python -m pip install -–upgrade pip command in your terminal to upgrade the pip.
  • Using an old version of the setup tools can be a reason to get this error. Setup tools are a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow developers to build and distribute Python packages more. So, it’s important to install the latest version.
  • If the ez_setup module is missing from your system then also it returns the error “ egg_info failed”.

We have seen the reasons why the “ egg_info failed” error occurs and now we are going to discuss how to fix this error in the further steps.

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Solutions: “python egg_info” failing with error code 1

Upgrade pip

To upgrade pip open the command prompt as an administrator and run the below command in the terminal.

-m pip install -–upgrade pip 
Python Django egg_infofailed
upgrading pip in cmd prompt

if using the old version of pip was the reason to get the “python egg_info” error, so after upgrading you will not face this error.

Upgrade Setup tools

Setup tools also require updates as the same pip package manager. If Non-updated setup tools were the reason you were getting the error “python egg_info” then follow the below step.

Open the command prompt as an administrator and run the following command in the command prompt terminal to upgrade setup tools.

pip install -upgrade setuptools
Python egg_info error
upgrading setup tools in the cmd prompt

After running this command setup tools will be get updated and at the time of installing any packages you won’t get the “python egg_info” error.

Installing ez_setup

When ez_setup is not installed in our system is one of the reasons “python egg_info” fails with error code 1. We will install ez_setup in our system using the pip command.

Open the command prompt as an administrator and run the below command.

pip install ez_setup 
Python Django egg_info
installing ez_setup using pip command


In this Python Django tutorial, we learned about the reasons for the occurrence of the “python egg_info” error and later discussed the methods to solve this error.

We also learned about the installation of ez_setup and understood its functionalities. We have also seen the upgradation of the pip package manager and setup tools.

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