Why python is so popular? Why python is booming?

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Welcome!! In this Python tutorial, We will discuss, Why python is so popular? Why python is booming? Difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x versions, Is Python easier than Java, Python vs Java performance, Can you use python to develop apps?

Why python is so popular? Why python is booming?

Python is an open-source object-oriented programming language like C#.Net, Java, C++, etc. You can refer to What is Python? and How does python work?. Please see below for the details.

Why python is booming?
Why python is so popular

Here are the reason why python is so popular.

1- Open Source

The reason why python is so popular because python is an open-source language meaning it is totally free to use.

2- More Productive and Less code

Python is a highly productive language that means, it will take less time, minimal effort, Less coding, less resources to achieve any of the complex functionality compare to any other language since it is very simple.

3- Easy to learn

The syntax of python is very simple looks like normal English which easy to read, write and simple to understand.

4- Extensive support for many standard libraries

Python has extensive support for many standard libraries and frameworks. which helps the programmers to achieve the functionalities easily with very minimal coding efforts.

5- Community support

Python has very good community support. The python developer community is incredibly active. That means if any time you need help or support they will help you immediately.

Since Python is there for such a long time so there are many documentation available, Lots of online tutorials available. One can learn python easily without any external training.

6- Python for Everyone

  • Python is for everyone meaning if somebody has zero knowledge in programming also he can learn python easily because of its simplicity.
  • Pythons is a choice for beginners and experienced programmers. Software engineers can develop web applications, websites, desktop applications, 3D games, etc using python.
  • Software testers are using selenium automation tools with a python script which is easy to automate the manual processes.
  • Managers(Since they are not into technical) can learn python to analyze huge amounts of data using the data analysis library known as Panda.
  • Data scientists use python language to investigate large amounts of data and visualize the correct data on them.

7- Widely use in ML,AI

Python is also the best choice for the Researchers. They use python for many scientific applications.

Nowadays many are widely using python in the area of machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Which will be the future.

Which python version to use?

It is a common question from many, those who are starting with Python, Which python version to go with?

1- Different versions

Python has versions like 2.x and 3.x. It has started with 2.x series and later on upgraded to 3.x series. Always there is a confusion for the Beginners Should they start with version 2.x or version 3.x?

2- Looking at the Future

  • The suggestion here is Better to start with the latest version or upgraded version i.e 3.x instead of starting with an older version. Because the 3.x version is the future.
  • Both versions have there own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the 2.x version, since it was started for a long time so one can get more documentation, free tutorials, support from many standard libraries that are built on the basis of version 2.x.
  • Whereas python has already started working on version 3.x more compare to 2.x. So you will get all the updated features there with 3.x version.
  • some of the standard libraries which were developed based on 2.x version already started upgrading to support the 3.x version.
  • Few of the libraries are already being updated to support the 3.x version. So nothing much to worry.
  • Now the new frameworks or library whatever will develop by python it will be obvious for the 3.x version.

3- Support Prospective

  • One more thing is we don’t know if Python will stop supporting the older version at some point in time and will ask everyone who is using version 2.x to upgrade to 3.x.So that time it will be a trouble for you if you are not upgrading to 3.x version
  • If you want to learn legacy code or if your project is already being developed by version 2.x then that is a different story or else if you are a beginner then it’s better to start with version 3.x.

4- Way of coding

In version 3.x you will learn a clean way of writing code. Many new functions, New style of writing code etc comparing with version 2.x. which will be helpful for your carrier.

5- Targeted for ML,AI and Data science

Moreover, Python 3.x versions are targeted towards Machine learning(ML), Artificial intelligence(AI), Data Science, etc these are boom in the market now so the demand towards the python is more now. So I feel it is better to go with 3.x version.

Difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x versions

Which python version to use

There are some difference between python 2.x and python 3.x versions. Please see below for details.

Python 2.xPython 3.x
Syntax wise complex compare to python 3.xSyntax wise very simple compare to python 2.x
Print is considered as a general statement
Example print “Hello python guides”
Print is a function in python 3.x
Example print (“Hello python guides”)
xrange() function for itterationsRange() function for itterations
No need for “as” keyword in case of exception handling“as” keyword needed in case of exception handling
ASCII is the implicit str type Unicode is implicit str type
Exceptions should be enclosed in notationsExceptions should be enclosed in parenthesis

Is Python easier than Java

  • Many users find python easier to read and understand than java.
  • Python is more user-friendly than java.
  • If you are beginning your path towards a programming career, then you might want to start by learning Python, as it is less complex.
  • Python has easier syntax as compared to java.
  • If someone learning this new you do not have the conceptual foundation yet in place to understand what an object is and how it fits into the program structure.

Python vs Java performance

Python is not faster.Java is generally faster.
Python is an interpreted language, so it is less efficient.Java is a compiled language, so it is more efficient.
Python has a simpler, more concise syntax.Java is not as simpler as python.
Python is interpreted which slows down during runtime.Java programs are complied directly.
Python takes 2 lines of code, so it is a more preferable language.It takes 10 lines of code to read from a file in java.

Can python be used to make apps?

Yes, you can use python to develop different apps. Developers are using many python frameworks to develop different apps.

  • Kivy is one of the most popular framework in python.which you can use to develop many mobile apps.
  • Kivy is an open source Python library for developing mobile apps . It is absolutely free to use.
  • Kivy can run on Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, and Windows.
  • Kivy platform is easy to use and very much user friendly.
  • Apart from kivy, Many are using other frame works to develop different apps.
  • You can also some cool frameworks like Django, Flask, Py4A, Web2py, Bottle, and CherryPy to develop different apps.


Python is the most popular open-source object-oriented programming language. Which is easy to learn and syntax wise it is very simple.

This is a more productive language compare to other languages that mean, Python takes less time, minimal effort, Less coding, fewer resources to achieve any of the complex functionality compare to any other language since it is very simple. So python is so popular now.

Better to start with the latest version or upgraded version i.e 3.x instead of starting with an older version. Because the 3.x version is the future.

Yes you can able to use python to develop apps for different purposes.

Python is the best!!!!!

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This python tutorial explains the below points:

  • Why python is so popular? Why python is booming?
  • Which python version to use?
  • Difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x versions
  • Is Python easier than Java
  • Python vs Java performance
  • Can we use python to make apps?

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