Python Django import functions

In this Python Django tutorial, we will learn about the import functions in Django and will discuss in brief their uses and functionality in a Python Django project.

What is import functions?

Importing a function means we have already created a function in a file of our project and we want to import that function and its functionalities in another file within that project. Django allows easy transfer of functions and models with the import function.


Python Django import functions
Python Django import functions

How to import a function in Django?

To understand how import works in Django we will create files and import functions from one file to another. So, let’s go to an example now.

We have created a file name and below is the code of the file.

from django.htttp import httpResponse

def contact(request):
    return HttpResponse("<h1>Contact Page</h1>")

We have created a function Contact which will return the text “Contact Page” rendered by HTML tags. Now create a file in the same folder and import the function Contact in Below is the code for the file.

from django.conf.urls import url, include
from .views import contact

urlpatterns = [
    url(' ', contact, name='conatct'),


In the file, we have written from .views import contact with this line, we have imported the contact function from the file to within the same folder. So, this is how the import function works in Python Django.

Let’s see another example where we will import the inbuilt module in our file and use their functionalities. For this create a file and follow the below code.

from math import sqrt,pi

result = sqrt(9) * pi

We have used the math module which is a built-in module in the Python 3 standard library that provides standard mathematical constants and functions. When you will run this code you will get the output as shown in the below picture.

Python Django import functions
Python Django import function implementation


In this Python Django tutorial, we learned about the use and implementation of import functions in Python. With the above two examples, we came to understand how to import functions within a folder and how to import built-in modules in our Python file.

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