Python Django vs Pyramid

Django and Pyramid are both web development frameworks that are mainly dependent on Python. Since they are both intended for the same purpose, choosing between them is always a challenge. As a result, we’ll go through some of the key differences between Django and Pyramid in this article. And, we will also try to understand which one is superior.

The following is a comprehensive list of the topics covered in this tutorial.

  • Introduction to Django
  • Why Django
  • Introduction to Pyramid
  • Features of Pyramid
  • Python Django vs Pyramid – Key Differences
  • Which one is better Django or Pyramid
  • Conclusion
Python Django vs Pyramid
Python Django vs Pyramid

So, before we get into the differences between python Django and Pyramid. We should have a fundamental understanding of Django and Pyramid. Let’s begin by learning about Django.

Introduction to Django

Django is a python programming language web application framework. The MVT (Model View Template) design pattern is used. Due to its rapid development feature and free and open-source framework, Django is in high demand.

Django is often known as the “batteries included framework” because it has built-in features for everything, such as the Django Admin Interface and the default database, SQLlite3.

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Why Django

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the main reasons for using the Django framework for our project.

  • High scalability.
  • Excellent documentation.
  • Top MNCs and enterprises use it.
  • The most straightforward Framework to grasp.
  • Rapid exponential developments.
  • Large and supportive community.
  • Django provides you with ready-to-use components such as user authentication, a website management panel, forms, and a mechanism to upload files, among other things.
  • Last but not least, Django is based on Python, which offers a large library and features. All of this may be integrated with a web application, allowing for a wide range of advanced functionality.

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Introduction to Pyramid

Python microframeworks do not necessitate the use of any specific tools or modules. For example, you have the flexibility to choose the database of your choice. Microframeworks may be better suited to applications of a smaller scale.

The Pyramid is one of the Python microframeworks. It is a python-based general-purpose web application development lightweight framework. Pyramid, unlike Flask or other “micro” containers, has a lot of features and capabilities out of the common.

It is built on the WSGI framework. It’s simple and influenced by Zope, Pylons, and Django. The pyramid was previously known as repoze.bfg.

In a nutshell, we’ll discuss WSGI. It is an interface between a web server and the application. Its purpose is to provide a standardized manner for diverse servers and frameworks to communicate with one another, allowing switching from development to production environment when necessary.

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Features of Pyramid

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the main features of using the Pyramid framework for our project.

  • It’s the most widely-used Python web framework.
  • It helps both small and large projects succeed.
  • Microframeworks and single-file web apps are supported.
  • It has pre-installed sessions.
  • It is based on Pylons/Zope/Django.
  • It allows you to manage transactions.
  • Support for synchronous requests.
  • Doesn’t coerce anyone to use any specific project architecture.
  • It can be enhanced with some third-party modules.
  • Good examples and documentation.

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Python Django vs Pyramid – Key Differences

Let’s look at some of the significant differences between the Django and Pyramid frameworks in this section.

ReleasedThe Django was released in 2005.The Pyramid was released in 2008.
AuthorAdrian Holovaty and Simon Willison are the authors of Django.Chris McDonough is the author of Pyramid.
Based OnDjango is a full-stack web framework used for the rapid development of web applications.Pyramid is a WSGI framework built to develop larger projects.
TypeDjango is a mega framework for web application development.Pyramid is a web application microframework.
Used ByDjango is used by Instagram, Pinterest, Coursera, Udemy.Pyramid is used by Reddit, YOU-app, Kalibrr, SurveyMoney,
DesignDjango provides a wide selection of batteries and components to allow developers to quickly construct customized web applications.Pyramid, allows developers to build web applications in a more flexible manner by allowing them to select the appropriate tool.
FlexibilityWeb developers can use a template system and an object-relational mapper (ORM) system, as well as built-in security measures when working with Django.Pyramid does not have a template system or an ORM system. It enables programmers to select the appropriate template system and ORM system for each project.
DatabaseDjango supports popular relational database management systems such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and even NoSQL.Pyramid, on the other hand, allows web developers to use SQLAlchemy, a powerful database toolkit for Python.
Admin SupportDjango includes a web-based admin portal with a user-friendly interface. It allows programmers to quickly test things out by doing CRUD actions on your models from your browser.Pyramid does not come with an admin site, but third-party tools are available.
Coding Django treats each project as a collection of separate applications.The complete web application development project is treated as a single file by Pyramid.
Django’s bootstrapping method allows programmers to create applications by executing certain commands.Pyramid does not require programmers to follow precise code, but it does suggest that they use scaffolds to implement a bootstrapping method.
Python Django vs Pyramid

Which one is better Django or Pyramid

Now, in this section, we will try to understand which one is better between the two frameworks.

Django might be the ideal choice if you’re creating an application based on a robust MVT because it allows you to quickly create a prototype and evolve it into a fully operating service.

However, using Pyramid is a fantastic idea if your project requires maximum performance or you don’t want a framework’s assumptions to limit you in implementing your project’s specific requirements.

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In the end, I would like to suggest that if you are new in programming and you want to learn web development then Pyramid is the best choice as it provides flexibility to choose databases and templates. And if you are a professional programmer and want to build a high-end web application then Django is the best choice.

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So, in this tutorial, we have discussed major differences between Python Django vs Pyramid. And we have also discussed the following topics.

  • Introduction to Django
  • Why Django
  • Introduction to Pyramid
  • Features of Pyramid
  • Python Django vs Pyramid – Key Differences
  • Which one is better Django or Pyramid
  • Conclusion