Python Django Tutorials

Django is like a toolbox for building websites with Python. It helps you make websites that are safe and easy to manage. If you want to learn how to build websites using Django in Python, you’re in the right spot!

Here, you’ll find all the Django tutorials you need. We’ll start with the basics and take you to advanced Django stuff. It’s your one-stop shop to learn everything about Django web development.

What is Django in Python?

Django is a high-level Python web framework that simplifies the process of building web applications. It provides a set of tools, libraries, and best practices for developers to create web applications quickly and efficiently.

Django has many built-in features and components for common web development tasks, such as databases, user authentication, URL routing, form handling, and more.

Python Django Web framework

Let’s see them one by one: From basic to advanced level

Django Tutorials for Beginners

Before we the functionality within the Django Framework in Python, we need to learn what Django is in detail, how to use it, how to install it, how it differs from other website builders, etc. Additionally, it will also cover some basic concepts in Django in Python.

Python Django and its usesLearn what Python Django is and also see its various uses in detail.
How to install DjangoLearn how to install Django in the different editors to start working with it without any errors.
Python Change Django VersionLearn how to check and change the version of the Django interpreter in Python for the latest updates or changes.
Python Django set timezoneLearn how to set the timezone through the Python Django framework, mainly for DST(Daylight Saving Time).
Get Current time in DjangoLearn how to get the current time or date through Django with the datetime module.
Python Django format dateLearn how to format date with the Python Django different modules.
Python Django vs PyramidLearn how Django is different from Pyramid and at what conditions they suit well in developing websites.
Python Django vs FlaskLearn how Django is different from Flask in Python and what are their advantages and disadvantages.
Python Django vs ReactJSLearn how Python Django is different from JavaScript ReactJS and what are their advantages and disadvantages.
App vs Project in Django PythonLearn what is the App and Project in Python Django and what are some key differences between them.
Python Django convert date time to stringLearn how to convert date, time, and datetime objects into strings through the strftime() function in the Python Django library.
Python Django import functionsLearn how to import a function or a model and its functionalities in another file within the same project through the import function in the Django library.
Print Environment variables in Python DjangoLearn how we can get and set Environment variables in Python using the built-in OS module in Python Django.
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Python Django Tutorials on Views

Django Views are like the controllers of a web application. They receive requests from web browsers, process them, and decide what to display in response. Let’s go and learn what the view concepts in Django are, how to build them, and many more.

Create a function-based view in DjangoLearn how to create a Python function that accepts web requests and returns web responses through Django or how to create a function-based view in Django in simple steps.
Django contact form with class-based viewsLearn how to create a contact form and handle a form with the class-based view in Python Django.
Python Django random numberLearn how to generate random numbers using the view in Django Python.
Routers and ViewSets in Django Rest FrameworkLearn how to implement routers and viewsets in Django Rest Framework to generate some common view logic and API endpoints automatically in Python.
Parse JSON in Python DjangoLearn how to convert a JSON object in text format to a Javascript object that can be used inside a program through the Django framework in Python.
Parse CSV in Python DjangoLearn how to import and export CSV in Python Django.
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Django Tutorial on Forms and Models

In Django, Forms and Models are fundamental components used for building web applications and working with data. Let’s go and learn how to create models and forms in Python and can do operations on them using different functions in Python Django.

Python Django form validationLearn what the verification of form data is and how this increases security and protects forms from unethical data in Python Django.
Add dropdown navbar in DjangoLearn how to add a dropdown navbar(navigation bar) to the website using Django Python in simple steps.
Create model in DjangoLearn what is a model and how to create a model in Python Django.
Create Model Form in DjangoLearn how to create a form class that is automatically generated from a Django model.
Simple Contact Form for website in Python DjangoLearn how to create a simple contact form for a website in Python Django step by step.
Create Contact Form with Django and SQLiteLearn how to create a contact form in Django Python and save the data to an SQLite database.
Build a Django Contact Form with EmailLearn how to build a Python Django Contact form with an Email backend step by step.
Build a contact form in Django using bootstrapLearn how to create a user-friendly and visually appealing way for users to submit their inquiries or messages through your web application by building a contact form in Djanga and saving the data to a database.
Delete Schema from Python DjangoLearn how to remove the model class that is unnecessarily defined in the file of the application by deleting schema from Python Django.
Python Django MySQL CRUDLearn how to perform CRUD(Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations in a Django project with a MySQL database in Python.
Add Google reCAPTCHA to Django FormLearn how to safeguard a Python Django form from spam, bots, and DDoS attacks by adding Google reCAPTCHA.
Create form with Django Crispy FormsLearn how to create forms with Django Crispy Forms for simplifying form rendering and styling, improving user experience, and saving development time through the Python Django library.
Django CRUD example with PostgreSQLLearn how to perform CRUD operations with the PostgreSQL database in Python Django.
Union operation on models DjangoLearn we use Union operation on the same or different models for checking the fields and data types that should match when querysets are from distinct models or even from the same model.
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Django Tutorials on QuerySets

In Python’s Django framework, a QuerySet is a database query collection that allows you to retrieve and manipulate data from a database. Let’s go and learn how to work with QuerySets to extract filter, and sort data from the database.

Python Django filterLearn how to get a new QuerySet with objects that match the given parameter from the filter() function in Python Django.
Python Django length filterLearn how to check the length of a string or a list in a Django template in Python with a length filter in Python Django.
Python Django getLearn how to retrieve a single database record that matches the specified lookup parameters through get() function in Python Django.
Python Django group byLearn how to group query results by one or more fields and perform aggregate functions like COUNT(), AVG(), SUM(), etc.
Get data from get request in DjangoLearn how to access or get data from a GET request in a view function using the request object in Python Django.
Python filter not in DjangoLearn how to filter query results based on a list of values not present, i.e., to test the presence of a specified value within a sequence, but the return values are the reverse of the “in” filter.
Order a Query in descending and ascending in Python DjangoLearn how to use the order_by query set to arrange or sort the data in increasing and decreasing order in Python Django.
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Python Django Templates

In Python’s Django web framework, templates are like the blueprints for the HTML pages that your web application will display. They allow you to separate the structure (HTML) from the content (data from your Python code). Let’s learn how to create HTML templates and how to put data into an HTML document using Django template tags.

Python Django where to save base template for all appsLearn how to create and where to save base templates for all apps in Python Django.
Run Python function by clicking on HTML Button in DjangoLearn how to run the function by clicking on the HTML button in Python Django.
Django for loopLearn how to use a for loop in the Django Python library.
Get URL parameters in DjangoLearn how to get a parameter from the URL through the Django library in Python.
Validate URL string in Python DjangoLearn how to validate URL strings to maintain data integrity and security with Django in Python.
Django get all data from POST requestLearn how the data in the request can be retrieved using the HTTPRequest.POST dictionary in Python Django as all the data of the POST request body is stored in this dictionary.
If statement in Django templateLearn how to use the if-else statement in a Django Python template with examples.
Outputting Python to html DjangoLearn how to display program output on an HTML page using Django templates in Python.
Compare two integers in Python DjangoLearn how to compare two integers in Python Django templates or views.
Python Django concatenate stringLearn how to concatenate multiple strings with different functions present in Django framework in Python.
Python Django round to two decimal placesLearn how to create an application for rounding of a number to two decimal places through Python Django.
Python list append DjangoLearn how to add a new element to a list through Python Django.
Run Python Script in DjangoLearn how to run a Python Script through the various Django methods.
Convert HTML page to PDF using Django in Python + PDF InvoiceLearn how to use the xhtml2pdf library in Django to convert an HTML document into a PDF file through Python.
Django CRUD with Bootstrap TemplateLearn how to create, read, update, and delete data in a Django web application while using a Bootstrap-based HTML/CSS template for the user interface.
Build a contact form in Django using bootstrapLearn how to create a web form for users to submit contact information or messages through a Django web application while using the Bootstrap framework.
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Django Advanced Tutorial

After learning all the basic concepts related to Python Django Frameworks like creating projects, apps, models, forms, etc. It is time to deep dive into the advanced topics of the Django library to become except in building websites through Python.

Python Django get enum choicesLearn how to define a field in a model with a limited set of possible values using an Enum-choices in Python Django.
Delete session property in Python DjangoLearn how to remove a specific session variable or clear the entire session for a user through Python Django.
Encrypt and Decrypt password in Python DjangoLearn the process of securely storing and verifying user passwords through the Python Django library.
Python Django pre_saveLearn how to perform custom actions or make modifications to a model instance right before it is saved to the database through pre_save() signal in Python Django.
Django Upload Image FileLearn how to the model field class ImageField is used to ensure only valid images should be uploaded to the Django server or it handles the image data.
View Uploaded Files in DjangoLearn what is the process of displaying or serving files that have been uploaded to the web application through the Django Python framework.
JWT Authentication Using Django Rest FrameworkLearn the process of implementing JWT(JSON Web Token) based authentication in a Django web application or API built using DRF in Python.
Create an API in Python Django (using Generic Class API)Learn how to use generic views to quickly and efficiently build RESTful APIs for our application in Python Django.
Create Signal in DjangoLearn how to build a custom signal for various parts of our application to communicate and react to certain events or actions that occur within the Django framework in Python.
Python Django search with dropdown filterLearn how to create a feature in a web application where users can filter and search for specific data in a database using a dropdown (select) menu as a filtering criterion through Django in Python.
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Django Projects in Python

Now that you’ve got a tight hold on Django in Python, it’s time to put your skills to work and build some small projects using the Django framework.

In this section of Advanced Django tutorials, we’ll dive into making practical and commonly used projects. This hands-on experience will help you apply what you’ve learned and give you a chance to create real-world web applications with Django in Python.

Setup Django projectLearn the step-by-step process of creating the Django project, and understand what the Django project is, its file structure, and its use case.
Login system in Python DjangoLearn how to create a login system, a security feature that prevents unauthorized users from accessing resources on a website through the Python Django Framework.
Get user IP address in DjangoLearn what the steps are to get the IP address of a user through Django in Python.
Python Django get admin passwordLearn the process of getting the admin password step by step in Python Django.
Create web form in Python DjangoLearn how to design and implement a user interface for users to input and submit data through a web application, i.e., web form through Pythion Django.
CKEditor in DjangoLearn how to integrate a rich text editor(CKEditor) into our Django project allowing users to create and edit formatted documents in Python.
Quill Editor in DjangoLearn how to integrate a rich text editor(Quill Editor) to allow users to modify formatted text with a number of stylistic options through Django in Python.
Summernote editor in DjangoLearn how to integrate and configure the Summernote WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor into a Django web application in Python.
Pagination in Django with PaginatorLearn how to split a large set of data, such as a list of database records, into smaller, more manageable chunks or pages through Pagination in Python Django.
Python Django MySQL CRUDLearn how to manage data like CRUD, in a MySQL database-driven web application through Python Django.
Get HTML Code from Rich Text in Python DjangoLearn how to extract the HTML content generated by a rich text editor or input field within a Django form.
Create App in DjangoLearn how to organize and structure code for a specific functionality or feature within our overall web project for creating an application through Django in Python.
Create Email sender app in DjangoLearn how to create an application that will send emails over the internet through Django library functions in Python.
Create a User Profile Using DjangoLearn how to create a profile page for the user using Python Django library functions.
Deploy AI Model with DjangoLearn the process of integrating and making an AI model accessible through a web application built using the Python Django web framework.
Build Chat App in DjangoLearn how to create a web-based chat application using the Django web framework in Python.
Payment Gateway Integration with DjangoLearn how to implement the checkout functionality for the items in the cart by adding the payment functionality to our project through the Python Django web framework.
Add Items to Cart in Django in PythonLearn the process of allowing users to select products or items on an e-commerce website and add those selected items to a shopping cart for future purchases through Python Django Framework.
Create Card with Button in DjangoLearn how to make a product card in Django showing the product information such as product image, title, description, and button to view that product through Django web framework in Python.
Create a Chip with Filter in DjangoLearn how to create a simple chip with information like icons, text, and links using JavaScript and create a checkbox filter and cards on the data fetch from the Django database in Python.
Create Search Autocomplete with Filter in DjangoLearn how to create a search bar with a filter that shows an auto-suggested list of words based on whatever type in the search bar field through the Python Django web Framework.
Register User with OTP Verification in DjangoLearn how to build a project in Python Django, that takes user information and sends the OTP then verifies the OTP entered by the user to register the user in the database.
Django User Registration with Email ConfirmationLearn the process of allowing users to sign up for registration to our web application, but before their accounts become fully active, they must confirm their email addresses with Python Django.
Create a Music Player application using DjangoLearn how to create a Python Django Music player web application, with a song list where we can add and remove songs using the Django database.
Create a Calculator app in Python DjangoLearn how to create a Calculator app in the Django framework using HTML templates, Bootstrap, and CSS.
Create a To-do list in Python DjangoLearn how to build a To-do list in Python Django with the help of templates, forms, and models in Python Django.
Create a Dictionary application in DjangoLearn how to use the PyDictionary Module in Python that generates translations, synonyms, and Antonyms of words to create a dictionary in Django.
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Errors in Django Python

No matter if you’re just starting with the Django library in Python or you’re already a pro, you might face issues or difficulties when working with the framework. We have to learn how to fix different types of problems and errors that might occur while using Python Django.

This section is like a helpful guidebook that will assist you in resolving issues and getting your Django projects back on track.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named DjangoLearn how the solve how to solve the ModuleNotFoundError: no module named Django in Python.
AttributeError module object has no attribute in DjangoLearn how to solve the AttributeError module object has no attribute in Django.
Django Programming Error Column does not exist.Learn how to solve the Django ProgrammingError : column does not exist occurs while, when we register models in our Python Django project.
Django IntegrityError at /modelname/Learn how to solve Django IntegrityError at /model_name/ error and also how it is caused.
Python Django “Template does not exist” errorLearn how TemplateDoesNotExist at /app_name/ error occurs and how to solve using different functions present in Python Django.
Error: Django Python egg_info failedLearn how Python egg_info failed error occurs while installing the packages in Python and how to solve this error with ease.
Python Django “Module not found” error.Learn what are the reasons behind the ModuleNotFound error found in Python and also how to fix this error.
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Django is a Web framework in Python that helps users easily build their own robust and scalable web applications. Whether you’re a beginner starting on your web development journey or an experienced coder finding different web solutions, Django offers a comprehensive toolkit for building web applications.

I have included detailed learning Python Django tutorials and examples for beginners, which give them a kickstart for their web development journey through Python.

Learning about the fundaments of Django views, forms, models, Querysets, and Templets. And understanding how they work together will enable one to create a dynamic and feature-rich web application.

As one continues their exploration of Django, Advanced concepts include database integration, authentication, and deployment strategies. One will gain proficiency in building web applications, handling user authentication, crafting interactive user interfaces, and much more.

With multiple Python Django web framework projects, one can see real-life examples and explore one’s own thoughts in building one’s own ideal web applications with different features.

And at last, coming across errors while developing an application in Python Django is very common. So, we have also listed some common errors that can occur while developing. Knowing the reason behind each error and how to solve it can help one easily conquer the Python Django framework.

Keep reading these Django tutorials and examples in Python.